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21 August 2020

Being You

I have been wondering what I want to do and somewhat realized that it may be futile to do so. I have been listening to naval's podcast, in he says that scarcity is value and what the world's scarcest thing? It's you, one in billions!!

So the whole life's objective becomes just to become you. That may sound stupid but if you really think about it, it is quite apt. Our monkey brains evolve and survived by copying others. A wolf dies but a pack survives.

So sometimes even if we don't realize, we do follow the fads. You are the product of whatever you do every day. If you concentrate too much on others and do not in whole honesty grow you in you, it may lead to be problematic.

And there is nobody else who can be better being you than you. And that's an advantage!

But it's hard to go on less trodden path. If not hard, it IS risky and maybe the sample size is just one i.e. you.

But reward is often directly proportional to risk.

So how can you be more "You"?

In the first page of mastery, the author explains what you did as a kid was the thing you should be doing. Because a kid is pure, without any fear, second thoughts, s/he just does what interests her/him more.

Maybe the thing you always comeback even if everything else changes, is the thing you should be doing.

I always come back to computers, from the very beginning I have been fascinated about things you can do just with your fingers.

In this post, Tim Urban explains that our brains are made to think about what people would think, and we often have one or more puppet masters. It's just your brain fooling you, don't let it. In ancient times, it was good for survival but these days it is only a distraction.

So be you as mush as you can be!

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