Abhinav Marwaha

Ramblings on the world.

15 May 2021


Building things can be hard and complex.

There are things that are technologically complex to build and give no value to society and there are also things that are easy to make but provide immense value to people.

Building takes time and reaching your audience also takes time but when you have created something unique and value driven it can spread like a forest fire.

But how to evaluate if something is of value to others?

It's very difficult to see the pain points in our day-to-day life as we are so engrained in it, we take any kind of friction as natural. But finding the correct solution to the pain is often a more difficult task.

When you are making stuff for others you are in the dark as to what they desire. The only way to make sure is to ask others and ask them not about if your solution is correct but whether your pain point is huge enough to bring any kind of value.

Building for yourself is the best way to make sure you are not aiming arrows in the dark and even if nobody wants it at least it will bring value to you.

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