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11 July 2020


I have been lately wondering about how I consume content and how much I retain and what is entertainment and what is for information purposes. These are some of my observations in no particular order:

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sources

Whatever you are consuming you have to pinpoint the source of it. Tertiary sources have great following as they are more accessible but as they are tertiary, they are often half truths if not false.

Tertiary sources are social media and media at large where organisations satisfy there own agendas by moulding the truth and often individuals also do that consciously or subconsciously (cognitive biases).

Primary Sources are the academic papers and ground realities.

And we the commoners lie in between the two.

The Short Term and Long Term Return

The content we consume give us fake feeling of achievement, that we have learned something but this isn't true. It's short term and will vanish.

Repetition and Forgetfulness

We generally consume the same kind of material over time that only adds to the problem of close mindedness and what we don't consume regularly over a span of time we tend to forget.


We tend to trust the sources we regularly check and that in turn causes us to blindly follow some sources.

The Fakeness of Followers

Most famous accounts have bots and the engagement is low when compared to number of followers. They are easy to spot.

Regular Detox

Internet is a fun place but we have to regularly audit who we follow and what we consume on daily basis. A regular detox is a must.

The Addition and Removal Funnels

Add slowly, remove fast. If you like something on internet you must explore the sources and for a span of time follow them and if your world values and principles align add them to your personal stack of content.

If the source degrades over time than its clear sign that you should remove it quickly and entirely.


There is so much content and information in every medium imaginable be it audio, video and text. It is quite probable you feel the fear of missing out but you have to replace it with JOMO.

Note Taking and Organisation

The choice of consumption should be clear if it is for entertainment or learning, if learning then you have to participate proactively not reactively by making notes and writing at large.

The Tiers of Content

Whatever subject you are exploring you will come across the worst content first as it is more accessible but as time passes and you are deep inside the rabbit hole, you will find the best content and sources.

Relationship Building

Whatever people/organisations you are following, you are building a relationship with them unknowingly or knowingly.

Hard Content vs Soft Content

Easy to digest content will not expand your horizons, the things most difficult will.

Physical and Mental Limitations of Following People / "Friends"

Dunbar number

Resentment / Rebel / Hate

Arguing on the internet is worst thing you can do and even worse is to resent a person you actually don't know.

The Goal is not Consuming but Producing

Best way to learn is to do things not read about them.

The Underlying Philosophy and Goals

You can only simplify things by identifying what is the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve.

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