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28 January 2020

The Art of Flow

Flow: the state when you do everything while doing nothing.

Ever felt that you did a thing without any actual effort ? you got so involved that even time lost its own track. Got so acquainted that even forgot to eat . The time is always tick tocking not a pause not a moment to spare but when you are in the state of flow , you forget about what had happened, what will happen, you are in now .

The world is a mess and you find the organised form of yourself, you are in a chaos but your mind is clear at the same time. You talk with yourself, you intake every moment as if its the last one. Things are doing themselves no input required . you are loving it. Your life have some meaning . you are productive 24x7.

This is you the real you .

The free you and the controlled you.

You and no one else.

No one can take you from you.

Get in the flow and rock the stage .

You are what you believe you are nothing more nothing less.

Know what you gonna do . Plan it . make it happen .

Sometimes to learn something It takes hours , sometimes minutes . The life long process of learning comes to one moment sometimes the moment is lost in the midst of nowhere . so what about it , why some things take so long but others nothing really?

This all comes down to your interest , environment , current emotional level and dedication .

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