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25 January 2020

Do we really have right to freedom?

Money is something that controls our lives. The first step to be free is to be financially free. Do something that you want to do, the thing that the world requires right now, the thing you are somewhat good at and that pays well. Thats a long shot that some people are not even able to try due to economic and social reasons.

But what does the constitution means when it says it gives every citizen the right to be freedom . I guess it means every person has equal tendency to be free but thats not true . A person who have very rich parents have more probability that he/she will be free one day than a person who don't have.

But does freedom only constitutes economics?

The information we have is provided by our environment that includes our family, friends, teachers and all the people we meet offline and online and all the information we read, watch or listen to on the internet . But most of the times it is biased. Parents have outdated knowledge. Teachers teach what they know best . The internet is censored in some countries. Governements hide information. People also hide information . If we want to be free, we should take decisions freely for that we should have all the information uncensored and unbiased.

Also humans have many biases .

Freedom also constitutes The logical freedom.

But what about biology?

We will die someday thats not free will. The death is not something we decide. Its the limitation of carbon based lifeform that it will be vanished someday.

We are bound by physical limitations. We have to follow the rules of physics.

We are not free from the chemistry inside our brains. The chemicals rules us. We can not control our emotions it clouds our judgement.

But what is the maximum amount of freedom one can have?

The best shot is to acquire all the knowledge he/she can. read as much as he/she can. And be financially free ( not just secure ).

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