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22 October 2021

What the internet doesn't do?

The internet has essentially scaled the human psyche and social interactions, given the problems scaled very well and benefits not so much. Which of course then begs to question, what the internet can't do or doesn't do very well?

Web3 will give new tools to do things that weren't allowed on the Internet before like owning digital assets and voting without tyranny of the minority.

Hanging out with friends face to face in a café isn't the same as a zoom meet or a call. Playing cricket in the lucid wind isn't the same as cricket 07 on PS2. Human touch isn't complete without actual touch.

Well then one has to wonder is it the properties of these interactions or just that they are physical changes the game?

In a classroom, you meet your friends and explore things together while in a GMeet, it's just the teacher reading a ppt. So if there is an app that allows student-student interaction can that change the game? (Is the combination of WhatsApp and discord just doing that?)

The Internet hasn't made the global, a village because a group isn't exactly a sum of its parts. The Internet has distorted hyperlocal connections and created sub-par global connections but by serendipity, you get great connections that you couldn't have without the internet.

Misinformation spreads faster than information. We like gossip. Time-tested ideas are often lost in the noise. More data often means more misinformation than information.

All that glitters isn't gold.

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