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13 October 2021

Bhagsu Nag

My heart was racing and my mind was clear.

I was sitting all alone staring at the night sky and it was clear to me that new people and new experiences is what I crave.

I recently went to bhagsunag it was wonderful. In the end, homesickness is what clouded my mind but I guess baby steps.

People from all over the world were there, from Israel to Chandigarh. Every kind was there, some left their job, some opened cafes. Some were earning lakhs per month doing remote work.

The food was wonderful, from traditional Tibet food to pizzas and exotic desserts. The views are photographed in my mind permanently and will be there whenever I am feeling blue.

The walks through the jungles helped me connect to myself.

The colors of the sunset and the shading of the mountains touched my heart. The hot showers and coziness of the quilt soothed me to no end.

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P.S: I will click more pics next time 😙

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