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02 March 2020

What do you want to do?

I have always wondered what I want to do?

The question is simple yet the answer seems very complex.

There are essentially two things here, the goal that you want to achieve and the behaviour that will achieve that goal.

Most of the time you want one but not the other.

For eg. If you want to make an app and sell that to people and earn money, the daily tasks are humongous. Even if (and that's a big if) you are able to make an app that has a unique idea, have some market space for it and some people to buy it, You have to put daily effort ( and most of the time repetitive boring stuff) into sustaining its growth.

And there is one other problem our interests change over time and the thing is society tends to reward only those who have worked in one domain and specialised it over many years.

And that's probably appropriate as the human knowledge is increasing exponentially and there are so many papers being written that one cannot even try to keep up.

So specialisation is kind of a solution to this problem.

Some activities are more easily monetizable than others that creates a tradeoff between the end goal i.e. money to sustain life and the love for a particular activity.

The money you are compensated for is most of the time due to simple supply and demand and world patterns.

Like nowadays there is a demand of cse grads due to everything being digital but after 10 years or so maybe the demand will get lower and demand for mechanical and material science grads will increase as the electrical cars need efficient motors and more battery life.

So if your desires do not match with the world's needs you are doomed.

But again that is appropriate for humans' survival as a species.

They say the money is directly proportional to the difficulty of problem you solve but all kinds of works are not problem solving like acting, singing, They are processes that were made and are being improved upon. And actors earn too much when compared to a project manager but this is due to the fact that there is a great supply of actors but not good ones ( that is required by the industry ).

Of course if you think cleverly, ignore societal pressures and are that emotionally stable to give in years to get financially stable while doing things you like which can not be done otherwise, you can do anything.

And ofcourse you have to be great at the things you do, but that can be the result rather than a requirement to do things you like.

But then people say you lack discipline if you are not doing what you want, I doubt that I think we actually don't know what we really want.

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