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25 January 2020

Why Video Games?

If you think about it. Video games are the epitome of entertainment. They include everything, video, sfx, vfx, songs, stories etc. I consider them as active entertainment as in you are a participant of the entertainment which is not the case with other forms of entertainment.

In every good form of entertainment there are lessons to be learnt and humans learn most by doing stuff rather than consuming material thats why games are the best mode of learning. On top of everything they include interaction.

In the past years there have been increase in negativity around games like it increases violence in teens and people are wasting their lives playing them.

Sure like any other tool it can be used for the bad as well as for the good. If you are playing 10 hrs a day and its not your source of income then maybe its not a good idea but if you include couple of hrs of playing good games in your daily routine, you can learn many things in a fun way from history to programming.

You can be a soldier in a war and experience the war in hand. You can be a hacker, a robber, an architect, an archeologist or even god.

You can live in fantasy worlds as well as in acoplypptic world.

You can be anyone anywhere anytime.

Games let us experience in first person rather than third person, being the person rather than just speculating.

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