Abhinav Marwaha

Ramblings on the world.


Terminated = *


Open Source journaling app with map view, calendar and stats.


Track, Collect and Discover Games! + Gamer Stats and Free Games Feed.

Digital Ecosystem

Organised what I personally do for privacy and cyber well-being.


Rss reader with podcast support. My first contribution to the open source movement.

Password Reminder

The problem with E2EE is if you forget your password, your data is gone forever. Thats where Password Reminder comes in, it will reminder you periodically to check your password against a hashed one.


Bordom Buster

Suggesting Movies, Tv Shows, Anime and Manga.


Bookmark through whatsapp


Maths Buddy *

This was my first encounter with real development. Added a few mathematics functions to not so good ui, you get maths buddy.

Monster Bucket *

This was my first real game. Lesson Learnt: First make a prototype and test whether its playable or not then add graphics and all.

Tawa roti *

Home cooked meals at your doorstep.